Youth Action Thursdays 6-7.30pm

Last week our Youth Action group had a games night and decided on a few topics to discuss over the next few weeks!

We let the girls who came choose and we think their ideas are so interesting, we are excited to start discussing them! They chose topics like relationships, sexual consent, healthy eating and whats really in the fast food we eat! These topics are so important to discuss with girls and boys of their age (Year 9-11).

We hope to open some of their minds and give them some good advice so that they can make the right decisions that they need to keep safe.

This is a chill environment where anyone in year 9-11 can come along and relax! Our youth workers and volunteers lead the discussions and make sure everyone is being respectful to others around them, if you want to come long and just have a hot drink or snack then you can, you don’t have to join in but we hope you will find it interesting and will want to!

Hope to see you soon,

From everyone at the Haven